Thursday, 23 July 2015

my goals

I think that I have done will making new friends this year.

I think that I am OK with my maths. My next step is to work on my time tables I just need to work on my 7,8,9

I think I am doing ish in my writing. My next step is to work on my spelling and read  what I have write  down and make sure there make seances

Thursday, 2 July 2015

my writing story

my writing goal was organisation i will now show you my story my story and show you what i did will. My story is about a cafe owner in a river fear of height's in a plan first i did not now what to writ about so i went around and ask some people.

YEA about time i have my own cafe then out of no where i heard a buzzing noise so i looked around then the noise was getting louder and louder. Then my first person  come in. What  would you like to bye OK i will get this right away.

Thank you when i go and sat down my sat was moving i looked under my sat to find what at was then i find a phone so i give him the phone and he give me my food.

I answered the phone and there was person in pairs how wants to meet me so i argued so i got a early fight to pairs the next morning. Yea i was in the air for the first time then i heard this.

this is your caption speaking we have to make an emergency stop can you plz sat down and put your seat blat on. Then we were going down really really fast.

Then we missed the air port and cashed into the river everyone was died then i said out loud to myself if i am in the middle of no where i do now i am now sacred of highest...

I have linked my phgs in have passed this because i have used my ideas  new speaker new topic new time and place

My Language

my writing

this term i have been leaning how to do organisation this is when you organisation your ideas and your paragraph the only time you start a new paragraph is a new speaker   new topic or idea  new time  new place. That is when you only start a new paragraph.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

make inferce

in term 2 I was learning how to make inferences an inference is when u look at the pictures and the  tittle and try and guess what the book is about E.G so of there is a picture of a cat and a dog and the tittle is called raining cats and dogs I will think from the picture that it is about cats and dogs and from the tittle that it will be something to do with raining cats and dogs

skim and scan

In term 1 I was leraing how to do skim and scan we had to skim and scan the text nd find the key information