Friday, 31 October 2014

Jubilee wirting

Oaklands School had their 50 Jubilee on Labour weekend this Year 7. In 50 years time when they have their 100 jubilee I will be 62. In 50 years I think these changes would have happened at oaklands school. I Think the classrooms will be bigger and will be more of them and trees will be cut down down for more class rooms and playgrounds. I think their will be more people in the classroom but still a only one teacers in every classrooms and there will be a boy only class and a girls only class. I think the uniform will be mufti. I think morning tea and lunch times will be bigger. So if a class has lots of people everyone can fit instead of being squashed. I think the school will be nice and clean and no problems. I think the numbers of the class room will be even. cant wait to see you in 50 years

Monday, 13 October 2014

Term four goals

My term four goals.

My academic goal is: To learn my 7,8,9,11,12 because I have learnt my 3,4,6 this term. 

My behaviour goal is: Is to treat people what I want to be treated like because so next year I can have more friends and I will be treated like I want to be treated.

My respect goal is: Listening to the teacher because I will be able to get at right the first time instead of going back and doing at again.

Friday, 26 September 2014

w.a.l.t= making inferences

we had to make a inference why we think cats should stay inside and why and I said i disagree because cats need to go outside and it is in there bold and there bite have to outside to go to the  toltie and you do not want them to go in the house and if they want food they will keep coming to work you up a lot of time so they can eat some food

Monday, 22 September 2014

Children shouldn't do homework

W.A.L.T=  write a persuasive argument

I am going to tell you why children shouldn't do homework. Because you get tired after school from all that learning. Now you are going to hear three reasons why we should not do homework and one reason why we should get homework. We get tired after school. You always need time to do all the things you love to do instead  of just homework. Well the teacher always wants you in a good mood and refreshed and the best thing about it is that we are ready to learn the next day, you will be so ready for school and happy that you are going to school and will be rested

What do people love to do the most? Of course... Sports the lovely sports we play at gets us fit and I know we all want to be fit and healthy. Some people have sports on and what would we do if it is on when we have to do homework? If you go to the awesome sports we will have more social interaction and our parents want us to be social.

It will get us ready for high school does give as lots and lots of homework so we should be prepared. But we should just enjoy primary school, It will make us good at learning.

It takes time away form family. The best thing is if you have time with your family you get to know them better and will be safe around them and can trust them. You might have a family event on that day like a 100th  birthday or a wedding. We might have other jobs to do 

Overall we shouldn't haven't to do homework because I feel strongly about having family time and time to get involved in sports and other favourite hobbies. And also students shouldn't do homework because at is a waste of time

My next step is to make at more better and want to make people read on

my solo level is multistructural I think i used a number of surface features by using lots of capital letters and full stop

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

narrative writing

One day there was a guy who is not your average size[fat dude]. The fat dude called Phil loved to eat lots of food. His mum Bella  and his dad called Bart have been asking him to do exercise for 15 years when he went to the mall Bella and Bart called an exercise coach.
Come to the house at 5 pm.

When he saw the car he tried to run as fast as he could but his chubbiness wobbled and made him fall over.Then Bella dragged him up to the door step to introduce him to Steve 
.Phil asked what is he doing here?
,I am your exercise coach to get rid of that blubber! He replied.

But my fatness keeps me warm in the winter Phil screamed I am starting to get hungry from all this screaming.
Then Steve said I am your exercise coach now you have to run around the block first then you get a nice juicy carrot stick.
Then Phil grappled his money and went to the mall
.Steve went around the block to see if he could see Phil Steve come back 
I can't see him anywhere
.Bella said I will be back.
Brat  asked where are you going? 

I am going to the ummmm the pet shop Steve answered.
Why the pet shop 
he loves going to the pet shop 
Bella drove out the drive way. Went to the mall instead of the pet shop she saw Phil eating a large chips,a drink,a Burger and an ice cream. Then they went to the pet shop. They bought a dog called 

Books and went home.Books jumped on everyone.Then brat got so mad and asked why is there a dog.Because he hated them. Phil stared to run around the block with books then he did a 100 buries every day they decoded to meet up at the forest and did some buries and when he went home he had something to drink and went on the the bike after hours he finally decided he liked exercise
The solo level I have reached for surface features is: Relational because I think I used lots of full stops and capital letters.

The solo level I have reached for my narrative is: multistructural because I think I used very good topic in my narrative.

My next step is to do make at not to long so people do not get bored or stop reading and make them want to stay and read more about the stories.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Peer mediation I think I have done really good and when I see people up set I go and see if they want some help if they don't I just walk away. My next step is to look friendly and smile and to stop giving  the person I am on with not to give them the iPad all the time.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

team reflection

My reading goal is to:Get good at reading and good at skim and scan. I think I did really good  because I can find things faster my next step is to skim faster. My new goal is to get better at reading.My evidence is national donut day

My maths goal is:to now my 8,9 so I can get a good job. I think I am doing really good because I have leant my ,3,4,6,7 time tables. My new goal is to now convert gm and kg. My next step is to say my time tables faster 

My writing goal is to writ explanations. I think I have done really good because I can now writ explanations. My next step is to writ better reports

Friday, 27 June 2014


W.A.L.T: I can Include topic specific vocabulary to enhance my explanation 

Would you trust a well know company? Ergobaby  is just one company that has been effected by someone breaking the consumer guarentees act.The consumer guarentees  act is there so consumer act and business do not get ripped off one I will explain a business that broke the consumer guarantee act and the effected on the consumer and the business  like ergobaby would you want to redress the ergobaby you bought.Well some you can send back and some you can't.A right that has been broken is that goods must  be of acceptable quality.She could have put her baby in the baby carrier and looked away her baby might have fallen out backwards and the baby could have hit has head and died or got really bad head damage.Then shr would of wasted her money and couldn't get it back.Consumers have the right to believe that their goods are fit for purpase. The baby carrier should be able to  carrier babies but it couldn't because the buckle can't hold the weight of the baby. The website said it should have held babies but they lied and consumers should not be lied to. They lied by selling fake Ergobabys 

Thursday, 19 June 2014


W.A.L.T:find,select and retrieve information. 

National donut day on June the 6  is national donut day since the only way to celebrate this important holidays is by eating the sweet rings you really have no choice but to devour a few or even a few dozen

Thursday, 12 June 2014

My art

WALT:draw in perspective.

In my art I used blue on my sky with some white so you can tell that at us a sky with the mountain I used black for my road and green for the grass here is my art
  Hope you like the art
My next step is to do my painting nice and slow so at does not go in have the trees

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Walt creative writing

The funniest in the world:the funniest thing is at camp when I could not get up on the high ropes so my mum had to get me up then j fell off so we did at in tell I could stand up 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Making inference

I think ...t chart. My inference is that  they 
have a really strong family. My evidence is there's a big group of people both young, and old. My next step will be not to ask, and do it myself and not ask people what they think about it and not ask for the answer. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Community is in our care for C community the school.

Active thinking is in our 

W.A.L.T; use linking sentences to johin our paeragraphs W.A.L.T;bespecific

Have you ever had to make a decision? They are not easy to make

The things that influences our choices are friends,family,role models and the law.Friends are one of our influences because your friend might tell you to do something mad like smoking then your friends will put peer pressure on you if you do at your parents may find out 

Your parents may want to go out if you want to do something you can ask  and if they say no they might be right because something bad around and it is the law to stay with your parents if you are under age

role models like one direction and stan walker these are my role models they might be your role models too. They are mine because if he smokes would you I  would not if he did not smoke I would do all the things they do

the law is an influence because if you stay home you are not allowed to stay home alone because if you saty home that is breaking the law

friends ,family,role models and the law are all influences on our choices .Do not forget it is your choice

Friday, 11 April 2014

W.ALT. We are leaning to do comprehension



Thursday, 3 April 2014


In maths I have leant to do fractions like e.g.1/6 that would be one six

My goals 3/4/2014

My academic goal -is to lean now my 3 tables 

My social goals-to say hi to people I do not now

My leadership goal- I have to  remember to go librarian on Monday 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

W.A.L.T.; write letters

DEAR LILLAN                                                                                                                        

I am grateful for for you caming to camp and cooking tea. What I enjoyed most was when you jumped of the big rock and when you gave me a hand to get up on one of the high ropes  there I full OFF THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AFTER ME. FROM VIRGINIA


Friday, 28 March 2014

creative writing

W.A.L.T. lean how to creative writing    

I never saw it coming ; I was at the speedway when me and my cousin was talking then out of no way bang i got hit in the face  by dirt that come of the car when will the people coved there head then we got food then that car made a big cash then i was happy the end:)