Wednesday, 14 October 2015

my goals

W.A.L.T: make goals for ourselves  and complete them.
My goals are:

* My first goal was to make new friends I think that I am doing really good with this goal because I  don't hang with just all my friends time like I did and I can work with different people then my friends so i don't get so much self checks... My next step is to hang with different people I don't hang with...

* My second goal was to get better get better in maths because I would be hide the class but know I am not so be hide the class know... My next step is to take my time doing test so I am not in the same group that I have been...

*My last goal is writing I don't think that I am doing good in this because we don't do any thing to that will make as better with our writing... My next step is I don't know but just having to do writing at home so I get better 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games

Over the last 3 days the year 7/8 have been playing 4 different sports there was netball, touch, football and basketball; I played basketball. I really enjoyed winning our first game 4-0. Thinking back to when the basketball girls started playing we did not work as a team and when we went to Lincoln that is when we started playing as a team. Something I will remember is getting to now the girls better and all of their humor.

Monday, 7 September 2015


In writing I have been learning how to do punctuation I will now write done my into and my pg 1 and 2

I strongly don't think that children shouldn't wear a uniform. Would you like to get telled what and not to wear everyday? And what about the money at would not cost that much money if you couldn't wear a uniform. Would you like to look the same as everyone? But I think that wearing a uniform sometimes could be good idea.

Uniforms cost to much money. What would happen if you could just afforded to pay for the school and stationery? Some people just cant afford to by a uniform. And some people don't like to wear a uniform. But if at is a no uniform you should only wear a uniform for a field Trip 

knowledge of vocabulary

In reading I have been learning develop my knowledge of vocabulary. I had to go on website and sign in to this thing called read theory what I had to was read a text and then answer some q

 this is one of the questions I had to do

 this is one of the texts I had to read

Thursday, 27 August 2015

vertices,faces and edges

In maths I have been learning how to do vertices,faces and edges I am now going to give you 3 examples.
 If you got the bottom one you are right because a vertice are the edges that hold the sharp together...
 Kinda the same question but all you do is just count the edges together so if you got 6 you are right...
 This is a different one to the last time so the edges are the stight lanes so if you got the bottom one you are right...

I am at extended abstract because I can explain how to do the strategy.
Thank you for reading my maths goal😀

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


In reading I have been leaning how to do knowledge and vocabulary what I had to do was go on a website called read theory I frist had to read this text then answer these question... Thank you for reading my reading goal