Wednesday, 14 October 2015

my goals

W.A.L.T: make goals for ourselves  and complete them.
My goals are:

* My first goal was to make new friends I think that I am doing really good with this goal because I  don't hang with just all my friends time like I did and I can work with different people then my friends so i don't get so much self checks... My next step is to hang with different people I don't hang with...

* My second goal was to get better get better in maths because I would be hide the class but know I am not so be hide the class know... My next step is to take my time doing test so I am not in the same group that I have been...

*My last goal is writing I don't think that I am doing good in this because we don't do any thing to that will make as better with our writing... My next step is I don't know but just having to do writing at home so I get better