Monday, 25 May 2015


in maths i have been learning how to do 3d or 2d numbers i will give you 2 E.G.
So is this a regular polygon. This is a polygon because this has no grapes                        

                                             here is my 2 E.G so what figure is this a trapezium i got this because it is like a a square but there is one side that is not right so if you get this Q at means that you get this Q you will got this right

Thursday, 21 May 2015

diy art

i have been going diy art i think next time I could try not to get at on my heart just around at I think I am at multistructural because I can do diy art I can do at but I still need a hand

Saturday, 2 May 2015


In maths I have been learning how to be rounding numbers I will give u 3 e.g 

So if I have 67.674 and I am doing the tenths the 67 stay the some and if it is above 5 u put at up 1 but if at is under 5 u leave that number alone so it would be 67.7 

So if I have 72.623 and I am rounding the whole number so it would be 72 

So if I have 23.4678 and I am rounding to the thousands so it would be 23.468