Monday, 22 September 2014

Children shouldn't do homework

W.A.L.T=  write a persuasive argument

I am going to tell you why children shouldn't do homework. Because you get tired after school from all that learning. Now you are going to hear three reasons why we should not do homework and one reason why we should get homework. We get tired after school. You always need time to do all the things you love to do instead  of just homework. Well the teacher always wants you in a good mood and refreshed and the best thing about it is that we are ready to learn the next day, you will be so ready for school and happy that you are going to school and will be rested

What do people love to do the most? Of course... Sports the lovely sports we play at gets us fit and I know we all want to be fit and healthy. Some people have sports on and what would we do if it is on when we have to do homework? If you go to the awesome sports we will have more social interaction and our parents want us to be social.

It will get us ready for high school does give as lots and lots of homework so we should be prepared. But we should just enjoy primary school, It will make us good at learning.

It takes time away form family. The best thing is if you have time with your family you get to know them better and will be safe around them and can trust them. You might have a family event on that day like a 100th  birthday or a wedding. We might have other jobs to do 

Overall we shouldn't haven't to do homework because I feel strongly about having family time and time to get involved in sports and other favourite hobbies. And also students shouldn't do homework because at is a waste of time

My next step is to make at more better and want to make people read on

my solo level is multistructural I think i used a number of surface features by using lots of capital letters and full stop

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