Friday, 27 June 2014


W.A.L.T: I can Include topic specific vocabulary to enhance my explanation 

Would you trust a well know company? Ergobaby  is just one company that has been effected by someone breaking the consumer guarentees act.The consumer guarentees  act is there so consumer act and business do not get ripped off one I will explain a business that broke the consumer guarantee act and the effected on the consumer and the business  like ergobaby would you want to redress the ergobaby you bought.Well some you can send back and some you can't.A right that has been broken is that goods must  be of acceptable quality.She could have put her baby in the baby carrier and looked away her baby might have fallen out backwards and the baby could have hit has head and died or got really bad head damage.Then shr would of wasted her money and couldn't get it back.Consumers have the right to believe that their goods are fit for purpase. The baby carrier should be able to  carrier babies but it couldn't because the buckle can't hold the weight of the baby. The website said it should have held babies but they lied and consumers should not be lied to. They lied by selling fake Ergobabys 

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