Thursday, 17 April 2014

W.A.L.T; use linking sentences to johin our paeragraphs W.A.L.T;bespecific

Have you ever had to make a decision? They are not easy to make

The things that influences our choices are friends,family,role models and the law.Friends are one of our influences because your friend might tell you to do something mad like smoking then your friends will put peer pressure on you if you do at your parents may find out 

Your parents may want to go out if you want to do something you can ask  and if they say no they might be right because something bad around and it is the law to stay with your parents if you are under age

role models like one direction and stan walker these are my role models they might be your role models too. They are mine because if he smokes would you I  would not if he did not smoke I would do all the things they do

the law is an influence because if you stay home you are not allowed to stay home alone because if you saty home that is breaking the law

friends ,family,role models and the law are all influences on our choices .Do not forget it is your choice

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